Artist: Lucie Silvas
Title: Breathe In
Year: 2004
Label: Mercury
Cat No: 9867025
Format: CD


Don't Look Back (Silvas/Tzuke/Russell/Kearns/Peden)
The Game Is Won (Silvas/Tzuke/Kearns/Peden)
Last Man Standing (Silvas/Tzuke/Kearns/Pedan)
Forget Me Not (Silvas/New)
Breathe In (Silvas/Tzuke/Kearns/Peden)
Nothing Else Matters (Hetfield/Ulrich)
Without You (Silvas/Kearns/Pedan)
What You're Made Of (Silvas/Gordeno/Peden)
Twisting The Chain (Silvas/Tzuke/Kearns/Russell/Pedan)
No Defence (Silvas)
The Longer We're Apart (Silvas/Parker)
Like You Love Me (Silvas/Tzuke/Kearns/Pedan)
Seven Veils (Silvas/Russell/Tzuke/Pedan)