Artist: B.E.D.
Title: Ver 1.0
Year: 2003
Label: BMG
Cat No: BVCP 21318
Format: CD


Before I Leave (Tzuke/Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Before I Found Your Heart (Tzuke/Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Valdemossa (Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Retreat (Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Lay Me Down (Dugani/Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Moments In Embrace (Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Addiction (Tzuke/Wiltshire/Yashiki)
Azalea's Heart (Wiltshire/Yashiki)
A Forbidden Love (Myers/Rabou/Wiltshire/Yashiki)
City Star (Wiltshire/Yashiki)
6AM [Awakening] (Wiltshire/Yashiki)


Judie covered 'Before I Found Your Heart' on 'The End Of The Beginning'.

Judie is credited with Backing Vocals on 'Before I Leave', 'Before I Found Your Heart' and 'Addiction'.

This has subsequently been reissued as Ver 1.5.